Being quarantined is not easy.

At Sketchfab, we are lucky enough to still be able to successfully operate remotely. I recently discussed with all my teammates to personally and confidentially connect on how they are feeling about their current projects and this involuntary remote period.

I wanted to share the conversation starters. I hope it may help you open a safe and caring discussion to the service of your colleagues. One recommendation: do not rush this discussion, let it last 90 minutes if it appears to be helpful to the person.

I hope you and your loves ones are safe and healthy.

• What would make this chat successful for you?

• Apart from the involuntary remote mode, how are your projects going? How about your collaboration with the rest of the team?

• Have you already learnt anything professionally from working remotely for a couple weeks? Anything you realized?

• If there is tomorrow another long period of quarantine, will you change anything in your location, setup, schedule, communication, or anything else that may impact the way you work?

• Do you miss the office? If so, what do you miss the most? Is there anything the company could do better in order to recreate this office-like vibe?

• Do you have any questions?