At Sketchfab and for a couple months, we were used to leverage Fridays late-afternoon to share best practices about personal and teams organization. Goal was to basically bounce ideas to work smarter.

Alban, co-founder & CEO, learnt a bunch of things during Sketchfab early days at Techstars. And he once shared with us a framework to help startup founders organize their time. The idea is to evaluate how important and urgent each task is before diving in.

If it’s important and urgent, you should do it yourself on the spot. If it’s important, but not urgent, do it, but later. If it isn’t important but time sensitive, make sure someone else takes care of it shortly. And if it’s neither important nor urgent, simply forget about it. Don’t do it.

It seems to me to be a very actionable way to move forward when things pile up. For founders, but also anyone else working in a fast-paced small team.