Why this? Why keeping track of the few resources that really strike me, and some of the questions I spend time brainstorming on? Why, every now and then, taking some time to step back and share simple thoughts and doubts on a specific topic? Who am I writing to?

I started this early 2016. At that time, I was back to school for a few months, taking a deep breath by traveling far away, and figuring out what would be my next move. I traveled, read, and talked to as many people as I could from entrepreneurs to management consultants to professors to happiness officers. I was about to walk through the door of what sometimes other adults call “real” life.

I had this feeling of leaving my “non-real” life with nothing much than all my life ahead of me, which is, that being said, still something. I realized that all the discussions and readings and listenings I have had were just ways to tool me with a few guidelines to guide my actions in the upcoming months or years. Life is all about improvisation, and as Malcolm Gladwell writes in Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, “improvisation is an art form governed by a series of rules, and actors want to make sure that when they are up onstage, everyone abides by those rules”. So even though, hundred times a day, we figure out in the moment what is the best thing to do, I feel we do it regarding our previous experiences and what we learnt.

Thus, keeping track of what I learnt along the way feels like making sense, at least for me. I am not this kind of guy who forgets, so I know I will not sit on this part of my life ; it was good times that helped shaping what I am today. And even if I can not force my next teammates to read entirely the books or articles I read, or guess what I think about some organization topics, I feel the ball is in my court to prompt them with easy to read summaries of these resources, thoughts, and questions.

This is my way to make sure that once we are up onstage, we'll efficiently grow on things we learnt and discovered along the way.